What Singles say about CSFglory

I have been attending for about 13 years. I like meeting with others who’s main devotion is to the Lord Jesus and are single and like minded. There is a sense of His presence here in the worship and the fun. Annette

…….I have been coming for 16 years ! I came because Gary made me. I enjoy helping with the music.I am most thankful for the wonderful friends I have made here. They are truly an answer to prayer, a blessing and encouragement in my walk with Christ. Joanna

…….I have been coming since they started and heard about CSF by word of mouth. I am thankful for the fellowship, talking and getting to know other singles. I’ve met some great friends, enjoy the small group activities and the great music at the monthly meetings. Eve

……I enjoy the fellowship and the monthly speakers, hearing God’s Word practically in everyday life.

……I like it because it’s a place to meet and spend time with other single Christians. Bill

……I enjoy the music at CSF, yearly picnic, boat ride at CDA, music at the Rockin B Ranch, the Gala this winter, eating out, brunches, the mixers are fun, meeting new people, prizes, concert in Riverfront Park, game nights. Lynn

…..I like that it is Bible Based and not a dating service. I found CSF online and plan to come to a lot more of the activities and meetings. Dawn

…..Have attended for 10 years and found it a wonderful opportunity to meet other Christian Singles. We can share our walk with Christ and make new friends. I enjoy the monthly meeting time of worship together.

….I have attended most of the CSF meetings since the fall of 2004. CSF provides a number of rewards that can be summarized as meaningful Christian Fellowship on a regular, dependable basis. Scot

ntcsffish…I’ve come for 13 years and feel very relaxed here, like coming home. Good healthy group. I love the music. I came here at the time new from the Wenachee Valley. There are good teaching and activities.

….I’ve come since Nov. 2010. Great fellowship and singing of songs. Wonderful chance to meet other Christians from the Spokane area, making new friends, going to activities, fun to get to know others in a more social gathering. Wonderful guests and messages. Sometimes it seems like the message is just what I need. Donna

….I have been attending approximately 14 yrs. I heard about it through the singles retreat at Riverview Bible Camp. Game nights and fellowship are fun. Kevin

….I come to meet other singles. I have been blessed by CSF. My favorite thing about CSF are the potlucks.

….I have been attending CSF about 7 years. A friend knew about it and the first year we just attended the meetings. We travelled from Priest River. Then I got a job in Spokane and was able to be more actively involved in planning and activities. Sue

….I have attended for 6 years. The monthly meetings have excellent music and always a good speaker. I love the table games nights and the potlucks in the homes.

…I appreciate those planning the events, the worship, sharing the Word and the internet site with the links. Great job faithful servants of the Lord. Zandra